Preguntas frecuentes


Why does Zoom ask for a passcode when I try to enter the Focus Rooms?

You have to log in to zoom before clicking the link to the Focus Room. If you are asked for a password simply exit, log into zoom, and try again!

What are Mindfulness sessions?

Our Mindfulness sessions are designed to give you the study break you need, while taking care of your mental wellbeing and productivity needs. They are hosted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 19:30BST. You can find out more about what Mindfulness is here.

Why is there no audio?

We disable the audio and private messaging in our rooms for the protection of our users. There are opportunities to socialise in our premium rooms, and for free at our Mindfulness and social events!

Do I have to pay for the Focus Room?

Our public focus rooms are completely free to use. We also offer Premium room access which gives you smaller rooms and all-inclusive access to all of our amazing events including dance parties, concerts, and more!

Do we have a separate platform for socialising?

If you’d like a safe platform for communicating with other students, join our Discord server!

Why do people use StudyStream?

The key purpose is for accountability while studying. We study better when there are others doing the same thing! A lot of our users also like the platform because they never have to feel alone while studying.

What is everyone doing?

Students and professionals use the focus rooms to study alongside others in order to increase their productivity.

Who are these people? Is this real?

Yes! These are real students/professionals (just like you) from around the world that use the platform for accountability and motivation, as well as for an opportunity to meet others.

Safeguarding and Security

What are StudyStream's age restrictions?

You must be 16+ to use the StudyStream Zoom rooms. If this is the case then make sure to go to the appropriate server for either pre-university students or university students.

Is StudyStream safe?

As with any public platform, we advise users to take their own precautionary measures to keep themselves safe. We have also taken many steps to provide safety for our users. We almost always disable the audio and private messaging in our rooms to discourage spammers, and users have the option of renaming themselves to avoid being contacted outside of the platform. We also have a system of moderators in place to remove and ban those who stream videos that go against our community guidelines. That said, if you see/hear anything that makes you uncomfortable, please make sure to leave the focus room and join another one, or take a break and take care of yourself first!

What safety measures are in place?

We disable the audio and private messaging in our rooms for the protection of our users. We also have moderators in place to check inappropriate video sharing. Users can report inappropriate activity on our Discord or via email.

What do you do about offenders?

Our team and community moderators work tirelessly to ensure the rooms are as free from internet trolls as possible. We submit reports to Zoom for each offender that accesses the platform and all offenders are permanently banned from StudyStream.

Can other users contact me on StudyStream if I dont want them to?

We disable chat and audio in our zoom rooms to ensure this cannot happen. We advise that if a user does not want to be contacted outside the platform, they should ensure that their username on zoom, which they can easily change while in the meeting, does not contain their full name or any social media handles.

Navigating StudyStream

People are being distracting - what should I do?

If people are being distracting but not violating community guidelines we recommend using the arrow keys to find a gallery view that suits your co-working needs.

I can't see other people's webcams - the screens are all black. Is it only me?

Sometimes that happens with high numbers and if your computer has been running for some time - you might need to restart your Zoom client and/or laptop!

Why do some users raise their hands in the Focus Rooms?

Some users choose to raise their hand to pin their video to the front of the focus room, this helps others find them more easily and keep track of their video.

Can I share my social media?

Sharing socials in your Zoom name is a personal choice, however, we would like to remind you that doing so will allow you to be contacted outside of our platform, where we will be unable to safely monitor any messages you receive.

What do I do if a server is full?

We would recommend try joining again, or trying a different server. Alternatively, many users have chosen to support us by paying for premium rooms, which give them guaranteed access at all times.

Why can’t I unmute / why can’t we talk?

We disable audio and private messaging in our rooms to eliminate distractions for those who are hard at work! This is also for the protection of our users, as occasionally there may be spammers who try to abuse the chat. There are plenty of opportunities to socialise in our premium rooms (coming soon), as well as in our Mindfulness sessions and social events!

When does it start?

There is no specific start time, the Zoom focus rooms are available 24/7, so you can join whenever it’s convenient for you.

When will the teacher join?

These are self-directed study sessions with other students, as such no teachers or instructors will be joining to lead the sessions. The people in the focus rooms are simply there to motivate each other, and everyone is doing their own individual work—similar to a library!